Old Odcombe
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Welcome to followingtom.com - A journal of our travels across Europe.

Ok, in very simple terms, We are walking (and cycling) from the village of Odcombe in Somerset, UK to the city of Venice in Veneto, Italy, and back again. We are following in the footsteps of Thomas Coryate(1576-1617), a fellow 'son of Odcombe'. We leave the shores of Britain in July 2005 and hope to be back some time later.

This site contains information, firstly and most importantly, about the charities we are supporting and how you can support them too. For those of you who would like to find out more about Thomas Coryate or the 'Peregrine of Odcombe' as he liked to call himself, please follow the link. There is a section about The centre of the Known Universe, Odcombe. We have also included a little bit about what we are doing, with route maps, kit lists and maybe a little about Michele and I in there somewhere.

Please browse around the site to understand what it is all about, or just get straight to the travelogue to get an update on progress. I hope you will find the travelogue of interest during our journey, and that you will contribute to the comments.


Chris Worledge. 'Peregrine of Odcombe'.